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Photoset part 2 (Bonsai sotto la mole Pt.3)

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Eccovi un'altra parte delle foto.

Here another group of pictures.

Le piante mostrate nelle foto appartengono ai loro proprietari, se per qualche motivo qualcuno volesse vedere rimossa qualche foto lo farò in modo tempestivo.
Il contatto è
The pictures are only for showing, all the trees belongs to their owners if someone for any reasons ask for a removal i will promptly take the down
In case write me at

Carpinus and all the fagacee are essences that i really like

Beautiful shoin composition, really like the table indeed

A cool way to look at the ramification

Great trunk indeed

This trunk has a very unique "zebra styled" trunk

This quercus has a peculiar presentation with a musked stone
and a dry leaf as company

A fortunella, i've got one in my collection and wacthing
this was very inspiring

This larix (this pics and the followings) was beautiful from
every point of view.

I cannot see it from behind but i'm sure that was good from
there either

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